A portrait of me with a smile :)

Natã Barbosa

natambarbosa at gmail o com

I'm a second-year PhD student at the School of Information Studies (iSchool) of Syracuse University interested in data-driven solutions for usable privacy and security.

My research involves the design and evaluation of data-driven privacy, security and ethical tools with the goal of empowering users to make more informed decisions. I'm particularly interested in understanding how data-driven systems and user interfaces can help users navigate their personal data in the age of ubiquitous computing.

My work mostly lies at the intersection of human–computer interaction, ubiquitous computing, and machine learning, but I have also worked on authentication, accessibility, and local community systems. My advisor is Prof. Yang Wang.

I enjoy breaking building things. In the past, I've built applications in several domains, including mobile apps and virtual reality systems. I've also organized a hackathon and competed at several web design/development contests. Recently, I joined Figure Eight as a Machine Learning Intern (Summer 2018) to advance the synergy of machine learning and large-scale human intelligence.

When my masters allow it, I'm out for a run or hike in beautiful Upstate New York. I like to travel to new places and spend time with my lovely wife. I also enjoy movies, sci-fi books, geometric abstraction, and games (tabletop, PC, and retro).


  1. UniPass: Design and Evaluation of a Smart Device-Based Password Manager for Visually Impaired Users [pdf]
    N.M. Barbosa, J. Hayes, Y. Wang | UbiComp 2016

  2. Lessons Learned from Designing and Evaluating Smart Device-Based Authentication for Visually Impaired Users
    N.M. Barbosa, Y. Wang | SOUPS 2016 (WAY workshop)

  3. CAN: Composable Accessibility Infrastructure [pdf]
    Y. Huang, B. Dobreski, B.B. Deo, J. Xin, N.M. Barbosa, Y. Wang, J.P. Bigham | W4A 2015

  4. Strategies: An Inclusive Authentication Framework [pdf]
    N.M. Barbosa | ASSETS 2014 (Silver Medal - Undergraduate Student Research Competition)